Parish Councillor network meetings

As you may be aware, Northamptonshire ACRE works with many rural communities in the county. Recently a number of Parish Councillors mentioned to us that they felt it would be beneficial to have the opportunity to meet up with other councillors in an informal setting where they could discuss issues and concerns relating to their Parish. We at NACRE decided to organise just such an event, a coffee morning where Parish Councillors can meet each other, discuss current topics of interest to their parish, share ideas and tips and hear from a guest speaker. There will also be a ‘hot topic’ section: this is where attendees will be invited to submit a topic prior to the meeting that they would like to discuss with the other Councillors and we will select one or two to discuss. Places are free to NACRE Parish Council members but there is an admin charge of £10 to non-members for each event.

Our next Parish Council Network Event will take place on Thursday 16th July at 10:30am via Zoom. The theme for this session is 'Being a resilient community'. We will discuss the role of the Parish Council in an (national) emergency. Joanne Maddams, Emergency Planning Officer for Northamptonshire County Council, will speak at this session. To register for this event, please email: [email protected] 

Our last Parish Council Network Event took place on Tuesday 25th February.  

Topic for discussion: Lessening the impact of climate change on your village

Climate change is becoming a key issue for communities and many want to know what they can do to lessen the impact of those changes in their area. We discussed what measures a village could take to help off-set climate change in their local environment and even become a carbon neutral village. We showed a small film about Ashton Hayes, the first carbon neutral village in England and our new Rural Officer, Jenni Hedges, updated us on the small ways we can lessen the carbon footprint of our villages. We also shared initiatives that your villages have taken to become greener or more environmentally friendly.




Click on the attached link to view the slide presentation.



Here is a list of useful website links that we shared at the event.

Communities Prepared 

NCC Flood Toolkit

Save Our Street Trees

Carbon  Footprint Calculator

If you would like further information, please contact Elaine O'Leary or Jenni Hedges on 01604 765 888 or email: [email protected]