Archived Projects

This page has links to previously funded projects the charity has worked on.

Rural Support Programme

This programme was aimed at those people in North Northamptonshire who may be experiencing food and/or fuel poverty. It was funded through North Northamptonshire Council’s Household Support Fund 3. Residents could apply for funding to help with their energy bills and could also receive food vouchers to purchase food at up to 7 different supermarkets. Over 480 people were helped with this fund.

UK Community Renewal Fund

As part of a partnership bid, Northamptonshire ACRE and Made in Northamptonshire, on behalf of the North Northants Sustainable Food Network, was awarded £106,250 by North Northants Council from the UK Community Renewal Fund to cover two specific project activiites:

  1. Rural Food Chain Research and development of an interactive food map
  2. Piloting two waste food apps and a sustainability audit

Full details of the project, the research report, food map and the new Sustainable Food Network can be read here.