Good Neighbour Schemes

Northamptonshire ACRE celebrates after receiving over £272k from the National Lottery to help set up Good Neighbour schemes in Northamptonshire

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded over £272,000 from the National Lottery Community Fund to establish further Good Neighbour schemes in Northamptonshire. The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, which distributes money raised by National Lottery players for good causes and is the largest community funder in the UK, will enable Northamptonshire ACRE to employ two Good Neighbour Fieldworkers to assist 30 rural communities across Corby, Wellingborough, Kettering and East Northamptonshire in setting up Good Neighbour schemes over the next 3 years.

These initiatives are run by local volunteers to provide day to day support to other residents in their community who have low level needs and may require help or activities on an occasional or regular basis. It will enable up to 600 local volunteers to directly support more than 1,000 vulnerable community members – mostly isolated, older people and carers. Together, they’ll build stronger relationships and use their collective resources so more people achieve their potential.

The funding will also enable the Fieldworkers to carry out further visits to villages across the county to provide advice, information and signposted referrals to over 2,000 more vulnerable community members so they get the support they need, as well as providing advice surgeries in local libraries and village halls.

The project will start in April 2020 and we will be recruiting the two fieldworkers over the next few months.

If you would like your village to be one of the 30 Good Neighbour schemes we help set up, please call us on 01604 765888 or email [email protected]

Everybody needs Good Neighbours

The Benefits 

Good Neighbour Schemes can benefit local volunteers as well as the people they are helping.

For someone volunteering their time, the scheme is a chance to: 

  • Get involved with your community ad do as much or as little as you want. There's no need to feel awkward if you can't always help.
  • Meet new people who you might not have met otherwise, including those from different generations.
  • Make use of whatever time you have to spare as well as particular skills you may have, such as IT or gardening expertise.

For those being helped, the scheme is a chance to access support to complete jobs that may normally be difficult for them to do alone. But the scheme could also:

  • Give them the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Stop them from feeling they are ‘bothering neighbours' if they need to ask for help frequently.
  • Help them to stay in their own home for longer as they get older.
  • Soften the impact of losing local services such as the village shop or post office
  • Enable them to become a volunteer because they have skills to offer that otherwise they may not be able to share








How you can help

In order for a Good Neighbours scheme to work in a village, parish area or neighbourhood, we need at least one person from that area to volunteer as a co-ordinator.

Their job will be to match people who need help with volunteers in the area who are willing to give that help.

Parish Councils, residents’ groups or other kinds of community organisations that are interested in starting a Good Neighbours Scheme in their area can contact:

01604 765888 or email [email protected]

In return we offer:

  • An overview of how a Good Neighbours scheme could work for your community group, residents group or Parish Council.
  • Guidance on establishing if there is demand for a Good Neighbours scheme in your area.
  • A toolkit, based on national good practice, on how to run a Good Neighbours scheme
  • A step by step guide
  • Support to get your scheme up and running.