Publications & Reports

Village Viewpoint

The Village Viewpoint is our twice yearly magazine that goes out across the county. It has information on the work that NACRE is doing, roundup of local and national news and programmes, funding options for rural communities and much more. The latest version is ready to download.

Village Viewpoint magazine Spring 2024

Annual accounts and Trustees Annual Report

The Trustees Annual Report (TAR) for Northamptonshire ACRE, including the annual accounts is availalbe to download here. The accounts for the charity's trading arm, The Hunsbury Hill Centre Ltd, are also available to download here.

Northamptonshire ACRE TAR and accounts 2022-23

The Hunsbury Hill Centre Ltd accounts 2022-23

Annual Review

We collect information on all the services and support we offer to our members and community groups. This information is invaluable in showing how effective our work is and what value for money we offer. Each year we produce an Annual Review summarising our work.

2022 Annual Review:

Rural Wellbeing Service and Good Neighbours update

The amazing support provided to Community Facilities groups

Our Grow Green Together conference in September 2022

Tiffield - winner of the Northamptonshire Best Village 2022 award

Our latest Community Transport Directory and the results of our 2021 Village Survey

Download here.

And more. Download here.

2021 Annual Review:

Download the 2021 Review here





2020 Annual Review:

In this review you can find out about:

All the support provided to the 217 Covid-19 groups our Rural Officer worked with

How we helped to assist 27 new and existing Good Neighbour Schemes across the county to support the peoople they worked with - 1848 volunteers who helped approximately 7512 people!

The invaluable updates our Community Facilities Advisor provided to our members about the changing rules for halls during the various lockdowns. Over 800 village hall interactions with 157 organisations from 127 villages!

Our latest comprehensive Community Transport directory that covers 299 communities

Helping our bulk oil customers to save on average over 10% on the cost of their heating oil

The rural food survey we carried out in the Autumn to highlight the issue of food insecurity in rural areas: 58% of our respondents didn't know where they could get help with food if needed.

The many partners we worked with during 2020, and our future plans for the charity and our lovely Hunsbury Hill farm site.

Download the review here.