Mission Statement

The mission statement for the Hunsbury Hill Centre Regeneration Project is as follows:

Mission Statement

The project proposal is to develop and enhance the site of the Hunsbury Hill Farm. All decisions in the design and execution of this project are taken in the best interest of the Charity and are guided by the principle of protecting and enhancing the site’s historical and ecological assets. We set out to - 

  • It will support and showcase the work that the Charity carries out with rural communities
  • It will develop the use of the green space to bring in the community from both the town and the rural areas
  • Through interpretation and education programmes, we will enhance a better understanding, knowledge and identification of our local heritage and history to a wide range of diverse communities including school children with SEN needs, residents, people visiting the county (tourists) and local and national interest groups.
  • We will develop key partnerships with local businesses, heritage forums, local and national heritage attractions and organisations, wellbeing and accessibility groups, colleges and schools.
  • We would like to create an enhanced long term sustainable business plan to ensure continued investment and resilience at the centre following the project. This plan will include the creation of new local jobs, a catering and retail commercial offering, carbon-neutral targets and a diverse 12-month events and engagement programme.
  • We will support new local business start-up with the availability of short-term rentals to showcase their products and services, our charity will support these with training, guidance, marketing and networking.
  • We will create a new volunteering programme to provide opportunities for local residents to develop skills and improve well-being Volunteering opportunities will be available throughout all departments within the organisation.
  • The centre’s heritage assets will be in a better condition, preserved and protected for future generations to enjoy and learn from.
  • The project will embrace green technology, environmental sustainability and recycling.


Northamptonshire ACRE – the Charity

Hunsbury Hill Farm – the site

The Hunsbury Hill Centre Ltd – the Company (trading as The Barns at Hunsbury Hill)