Which is quicker?  Your village broadband or a one-winged carrier pigeon?

Are you fed up of that little circle going round and round as you try to stream your favourite programme?


Are slow broadband speeds holding back your business? 

Well, there’s hope.  The government has promised to roll out Superfast broadband across 95% of the country by the end of 2017 (Ofcom defines this as speeds greater than 24Mbps).

This video explains why fast broadband matters:

To find out how Northamptonshire ACRE can help with obtaining faster broadband in your village for residents and businesses, contact Elaine O'Leary email [email protected]

Useful links:

Superfast Northamptonshire:

When and Where map: shows where roll out plans to provide access to superfast broadband services in the county are in place or expected to happen in the coming years:


Slides from Tove Valley Broadband evening

Abthorpe Broadband Association Limited (ABA) is a not-for-profit limited-by-guarantee company.  ABA has been delivering broadband to the communities of Abthorpe and Slapton for the last ten years. The enterprise has expanded with Tove Valley Broadband supplying WiFi broadband to the villages of Abthorpe, Slapton, Wappenham, Lois Weedon and Weston.

Recently, ABA held an information evening for other villages in the county who might be interested in setting up a group to obtain superfast broadband and the slides from the evening can be downloaded here along with the associated notes here.