Rural Food Survey

Rural Food Survey- An investigation into Rural Food Poverty and Insecurity in Northamptonshire 2020


In Autumn 2020 Northamptonshire ACRE carried out a survey to investigate food insecurity and poverty in rural Northamptonshire. 

Increasingly rural communities in Northamptonshire are reporting food insecurity and poverty. Working with key partners we sought to investigate and establish the key causes of rural food poverty in the county.

As well as investigating poverty and insecurity we sought to understand how living in a rural location impacted on diet and shopping habits. We were particularly interested in how many respondents shopped locally.

The aim of this report is to help inform decision makers of the difficulties that are faced in rural communities. These issues have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are concerned that many people are falling through the cracks, unable to access or are unaware of the support that is more readily accessible to urban communities.

Rural food poverty is defined as: the inability to obtain sufficient healthy affordable food.

Rural food insecurity is defined as: not having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food.


Having access to reliable, affordable nutritious food is important not just for physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing too.

The report is available to download here


Rural Food Map of Northamptonshire

There are some fantastic local producers and suppliers in Northamptonshire, support the local rural economy and shop local where you can!

We have created a rural food map to direct you to your closest shops! Its a 'work in progress' so please contact us if you think a business should be included on the map (you can do this by emailing [email protected]). We have also included community groups and foodbanks that can help you access food if you are in need of a little extra support!