Our Volunteers

Good Neighbour Schemes

Good Neighbour Schemes rely on volunteers within the community to be co-ordinators, offer suuport and help run the stering group.  As part of our project we are looking to develop Good Neighbour schemes in villages across the county that will help to sustain the project when the Lottery funding finishes.

What is a Good Neighbour scheme?

Good Neighbour schemes are run by local volunteers to provide day-to-day support for other residents who may need help on an occasional or regular basis.

The aim is to support neighbours to maintain a good quality of life, remain independent in their own homes if they wish to, and reduce their reliance on statutory health and care support systems.

What do the schemes offer?

  • Completion of practical low level tasks such as driving, shopping, gardening
  • They can provide emotional support such as befriending
  • Filling in forms, writing letters, reading, help to use computers and the internet
  • Household tasks including tuning televisions, changing light bulbs and smoke alarms
  • Giving lifts to a GP surgery, clinic, hospital, Day Centre or other appointments
  • They may signpost to other services if needed
  • They can help arrange a service if required
Northamptonshire ACRE can help you to become a Good Neighbour community by providing a comprehensive toolkit, forms and funding advice to get started. 
Call us on 01604 825883 to find out more