Fly tipping grants available

Friday, January 14, 2022

Fly tipping grant fund from Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner and Local Authorities

What is the funding for?

In partnership with the local authorities in Northamptonshire, the Office of the Police Fire and Crime Commissioner have allocated some funds to support the removal of items that have been fly tipped on private land, and subsequently support the target hardening of these sites where possible to reduce the incidents of future fly-tipping. The project will also work with the Environment Agency, National Farmers Union and will support the #letsscrapflytipping campaign.

Who can apply?

After reporting the fly tip to their local authority, the landowner will be sent an application form to complete for funds to be granted to remove the waste from their land. The application should include any relevant photographs to show how the land has been affected, and as much information as possible to provide the local authority representative enough evidence to show if the landowner is eligible for the grant. Please refer to the application form and checklist for more details of what information is needed. Once approved and all required documentation has been received, the local authority will then submit the application with all supporting evidence to the OPFCC for their consideration. Sites of both urban and rural locations will be considered, although a balance between the two will be needed.

Find out more about the grant here. This flowchart shows how to apply for the grant and the conditions. A checklist identifies what documents need to be submitted with any application.

The landowners application form can be downloaded here.