Case Studies

Case study 1

Image result for clipart houseworkLady 80+ living in a very rural South Northants village with increasing health issues, visited our Rural Information Centre when it visited her village. She explained that due to her recent decreased mobility, she felt she could no longer complete her own housework and needed support with domestic chores such as house cleaning. Due to the remote area she lived in, she had previously struggled to find someone who would be willing to travel to her village. There were no close family members, so understandably she also expressed concern about what might happen when she eventually becomes too ill to live independently.

The Rural Wellbeing Fieldworker sourced a couple of domestic cleaners that covered that area and she was put on a waiting list for any future slots that may become available. A local domestic cleaner has subsequently taken this lady on as a client on a fortnightly basis. She has also been offered information from the Northamptonshire Care Services Directory so she can start to plan her future, should she be unable to remain in her home.

The client’s wellbeing has increased now she doesn’t have to struggle with her chores and she is also enjoying the company it brings with it. She is worrying less about her future and now understands she does have several options for future living that she can choose from in good time.