Update on Parish Councillors meeting

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Many thanks to all the Councillors who came to our first Parish Councillor Network meeting on Monday 22nd July. The consensus was that it was a successful morning and one that everyone present would like to continnue. It was interesting to hear about the many and varied issues and projects going on in the parishes, from installing new street lighting, taking over district/borough council  green spaces to planners use of third party maintenance contracts. Where there were common projects among those present, such as the move to changing old street lights to new LED ones, Councillors who had experience of that were able to provide advice to others on the best way to implement the project.

As part of the morning, we had an excellent talk from PC Abby Anstead, Rural and Wildlife Crime Officer, who highlighted the many ways that Northants Police is working with rural communities to tackle the issue of rural crime. It was particularly good of her to come to the meeting as she and her fellow officers are currently dealing with a terrible spate of sheep being slaughtered and butchered on farms in the county so we do appreciate her taking the time to visit us and also to talk about the new safety and security toolkit for villages that Northants Police are introducing.