Next Parish Councillor network meeting

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Following on from the success of our previous Parish Councillor network events, our next event will look at what measures a village could take to help off-set climate change on their village and was suggested by several Parish Councillors. Climate change is an issue concerning many people around our county.  As individuals, many of us are already making changes to our lifestyles to help to do our bit for the climate and environment.  But what if  village residents worked together to make changes, encouraged each other to think about their carbon footprint, maybe even aim to become carbon neutral? This is something that Ashton Hayes did who decided to work towards becoming the first carbon neutral village in England. Not everyone can be an Ashton Hayes but we can all take steps in our communities to lessen our collective impact and help our local environment (and maybe even our purses!).

This event is a great opportunity for Councillors to come together, share details of any of their environmental projects, learn what is available to help lessen the impact of climate change on their village and hear from a guest speaker, while enjoying coffee and cakes. Members of Northamptonshire ACRE can book a free place (please note there is a £10 charge for non-members) via our Eventbrite link. For more information email [email protected] or tel. 01604 765888.

Download the leaflet here for more details about the event.