Make sure your organisation becomes a Community Facilities Member.

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At Northamptonshire ACRE, we run a great Community Facilities Advisory Service for our members.  We give you quality support and advice, helping you to run your community facility more effectively - whether a village or church hall, community centre, playing field, park or recreation ground.

We also keep a Contact List with details and contacts of our community facilities members.  If you need to find a community facility in your area, we can help.

If you help to run a vital rural community facility, our Community Facilities Advisory Service through our membership scheme provides a wide range of practical help, advice and support. So if you're a trustee, helper, or parish councillor, why not think about making your organisation a member. The Advisory Service is backed up by a countrywide support network of thirty-eight community buildings advisers, countrywide headed by National ACRE, our umbrella organisation.

Here’s a full list of the kind of services we can offer to your community facility and its committee.

We can provide help and guidance on (to name but a few!):

  • Charitable Status and Charity Law
  • Grant Funding
  • Plan, Design & Build
  • Policies
  • Licensing and TENs
  • Governing Documents
  • Insurance Matters
  • Relevant Legislation
  • Risk Assessments
  • Fire Safety
  • Music Licensing
  • VAT
  • and much more...

To become a member and qualify for our Community Facilities Advisory Service, you will need to complete a membership form.  The yearly cost of being a member is £40 which runs from 1st April to 31st March.  For further details, including the advantages to being a member of Northamptonshire ACRE, please contact Frances Harris, Community Facilities Adviser, on 01604 825888 or email her at [email protected].

Please note that if you are not a member of Northamptonshire ACRE’s Community Facilities Advisory Service, we can still help you with any queries you may have, but there will be a charge for this service. Please contact the Community Facilities Adviser, [email protected], for further information about charges for non-members.