Existing Good Neighbour Schemes

Good Neighbour Map

We have created a Google map to help villages find other support groups. You can click on the group and it will display contact information- some contact information is missing as we are currently seeking permission to display the information, please contact [email protected] with inquiries for these groups.

We still have some gaps, if your group is missing please complete this Google Form and we will ensure you are added to the group, if your group is missing contact information please contact [email protected] with the public information and we will update the map!


A downloadable PDF leaflet is available with details of all the current Good Neighbours Schemes



Daventry District 

Byfield Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 01327 227000

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.byfieldgoodneighbours.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/byfieldgoodneighbours


Kilsby Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 01788 486040

Web: http://www.kilsbyvillage.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kilsbyparishcouncil/

Braunston Heart Good Neighbours

Coming soon!




Long Buckby Angels/Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 07594 316370

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/groups/1803286529981118/


Crick Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 07517 802097

Email: [email protected]

Web: https://www.crickparish.org.uk/crick-good-neighbours.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crickgn/


Naseby Pop-Up Good Neighbours

Felicity: 07759 076161

Liz: 01604 740568

Chris: 07817 441948

Email: Penny [email protected]


Moulton Good Neighbours

Community Connector for Moulton and Surrounding Areas

Contact Number: 07484 907438

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/moultoncommunityconnector/

Web: https://www.moultonnorthants-pc.gov.uk/moulton-community-connector.html



Woodford Halse Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 01327 206221 between 11am – 1pm & 2pm-6pm Monday - Saturday

Web: www.whgoodneighbours.com

Email: [email protected]

Welton Good Neighbours

Contact Number: 07938 237 070

Web: https://www.welton-pc.gov.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeltonVoice





Moulton was the first village in Daventry District to adopt a Good Neighbours Scheme and it has been operating successfully since April 2017.

It is co-ordinated by Mary-Jane Brown, a Community Connector who is works alongside Moulton Parish Council and Moulton Surgery to improve health and wellbeing in the village and it's surrounding area.

The scheme has a range of volunteers offering befriending as well as help with travel. Volunteers run a weekly games morning, plus regular coffee and cake afternoons and even sunday roasts. 

Recently the scheme has started a Beginners Jogging Group and put on a number of Otago demonstrations.

If you would like to know what events are taking place in Moulton you can find out by clicking here




The Crick Good Neighbour Scheme is managed by Crick Parish Council and run by two Parish Councillors, Sue maguire and Marilyn Harding, with a host of local volunteers having signed up to help.

The Scheme is to provide day-to-day support for ther residents who may need help on an occasional or regular basis.

The aim is to support neighbours to maintain a good quality of life, remain independent in their own homes if they wish to, and reduce their reliance on statutory health and care support systems. The scheme is to help anyone who is in need of support, such as the elderly, infirm, new mothers and the isolated. Whether that be needing a list to a hospital appointment, help with the food shop, help connecting with ther parishioners, right down to needing help to change a lightbulb!

For more information see the Crick Parish Council website.



Welton launched their Good Neighbour Scheme in April 2019 and so far have over 15 volunteers helping out. They plan to hold a Tea and Cake morning on the second Tuesday of the month aswell as a Pub Lunch on the Final Friday of the month. 

Check back soon for more updates.








Information coming soon!


Desborough Library

Information coming soon!


Wilbarston Good Neighbours

Given the current situation we are launching our Good Neighbours Scheme to help those in need.

We would like to have a co-ordinated approach to help those who need it in our community. Due to the daily changing situation we are asking for volunteers to help with some important tasks; whether this be a friendly voice over the phone, collecting shopping for those who are unable to, or helping co-ordinate our actions.

Sharon from Wilbarston PO & Stores has offered a home isolation shopping delivery service. Details are below and volunteers could, for example, help with those deliveries.

If you would be willing to help the local community, please contact David James on [email protected] or 07544 256 325.

We are setting up a central phone number which can be used to speak to a co-ordinator who can put you in touch with someone who can help if you are in need.

That number is 07379 680 693

Home Isolation Shopping Delivery Scheme

We are co-ordinating a home shopping delivery scheme from the shop and PO in Wilbarston.

If you are self-isolating and wish us to do your shopping for you we have the facilities and access to our wholesaler, as well as our local suppliers of bread, eggs and milk.

You will need to ring us and place your order and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to deliver to your doorstep.

We can also do gas/electricity/telephone top ups, cash withdrawals and bill payments, post letters/parcels, etc. Please ring us if you require these services.

Stay safe and remember we are here for you. We are all one community.


Wilbarston PO & Stores

01536 771244

The Fox Takeaway Service

Don't forget that The Fox offers a takeaway service for both food and drink, including draught beer if you provide your own container.

Contact Details: [email protected] 01536 771477


South Northants

Blisworth Friendship Group

[email protected]


Boddington Good Neighbours

Coming soon!


Culworth Good Neighbours

For more information contact:

Sarah and Mark Izzett   01295 760640

Cath and James Jefferies  01295 768555

Diana Langdale  01295 760222

Juliet McKenzie  01295 768131

June and Mick Oxley  01295 768184

Jose Rowling  01295 760571



Coming soon!


Evenley Good Neighbours

For more information contact the parish clerk: [email protected]


Grange Park Good Neighbours

For more information contact the parish clerk: [email protected]


Middleton Cheney Good Neighbours

The Parish Council brought together a group of volunteers to help our community in response to COVID-19 and we would like to thank them all for the important role they carried out and are still carrying out. It was of utmost importance to put safety first for both the volunteers and the people we have been helping. The roles taken on by the team covered tasks such as shopping, picking up prescriptions, running general errands, telephone calls, etc. all of which could not involve entering people’s homes so following the COVID-19 advice from official sources to avoid spreading the virus.


Once our Group was established, we posted fliers to every household particularly residents who are elderly detailing how we could help.  The flier had the Council’s contact Tel. No. plus a 24hr one 01295 981678 as we recognised that not all residents are online.  Volunteers have been kind enough to give up their time and they have been valued throughout the period of lockdown.


Residents have also come together in an impressive way to do whatever they can in these strange times – including helping frontline NHS staff.  We have also picked up the phone to those in isolation continually urging residents to stay safe and help each other by making sure that self-isolating does not turn into loneliness – the voice of human kindness, humour and friendship is incredibly powerful, especially now, as so much has changed in such a short time.


The Parish Council is hopeful that during the coming weeks and months, we will look at this difficult time and do it with immense pride in how we individually and collectively responded.  To all groups of volunteers, Parish Council and others, thank you for your continued support and help - together we will get through this.  We are overwhelmed by the unquestionable strength and character of our community.  The messages of gratitude, acts of generosity and words of encouragement are powerful affirmations for teams of dedicated volunteers (Cllrs and residents) – stay safe and take care.



The Whittlebury Good Neighbour Scheme has been established by local residents in conjunction with Northants ACRE. It is co-ordinated by the Scheme's Organising Committee with secretary, Glynis Drinkwater and chair of the Committee, Roger Harrington, and a number of local volunteers have signed up to help.

The Scheme aims to provide day-to-day support for any resident of the village who may need help on an occasional or regular basis.

The aim is to support neighbours (residents) to maintain a good quality of life, remain independent in their own homes if they wish to, and reduce their reliance on health and care support systems.

The Scheme is to help anyone who is in need of support, such as older people, infirm, new mothers and the isolated - whether that's needing a lift to a doctor's appointment, help with the food shop, help with connecting with other parishioners, right down to needing help to change a light bulb!

The Scheme launched on Monday 24th June and if you are in need of assistance, please ring 07494 429570 where, Monday to Friday between 0900 and 1200 midday, a coordinator will take details of your request. If you are interested in joining the Scheme as a volunteer, or even helping on the Committee, please email:

[email protected]


Yardley Hastings Good Neighbours

There are three contacts for receiving and allocating requests for support. Contact details are as follows - Anita Morgan 696091, email [email protected] or Debbie Smith 696382. Text 07971 621733 or email [email protected] or Helen Gavin 696180, Mobile 07866597597 [email protected]



Sywell (Also covering Overstone)

Information coming soon!